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3Free club From 12 y.o with Gold Cristal acquired

3Free club

The 3Free club is dedicates for the teens from 12 who got the Gold Cristal level.

The week focuses on security, pleasure and fun, because no one learn without pleasure. Everyone can discover new abilities and to get fun on ski slopes and how to make his own way. 

Powder snow, jump on bumps snowpark, a little bit of slalom... every good technics for ensuring security  are the base of « All Snow - All Country » ski.

According the snow conditions, the group level, and the wish, the school lends the Off-piste security equipment.  

The various initiations organized by instructors are intended to widen the playground of your hermetic teenagers in the too technical courses and not rather funny.

At the end of the week the "medals ceremony" will awardthe level aquiered with "Run" medals, Emerald and Turquoise in freeride, Ruby and Diamond in freestyle.

The 3Free club, it's more Funky !!!

3Free club : 

From 12 yo with Gold cristal acquired, to ski safely, that’s more funky !! 


The price do not inclueded the skipass, whitch is needed for all our lessons. 

The ESI team choose to impose the helmet for children and advice it for all.